Face Mask Filters

Ships FREE via USPS 1st Class mail in 1 business day (2 day shipping available at checkout).

MERV 13 filter is comparable to MPR 1500 & FPR 10. This is an extremely important rating; it means that the material will trap particles between .3 and 1.0 Microns (The same as N95 respirators). Our filter traps these particles at 50% -75% efficiency (N95 efficiency is 95%).

Any filter that does not meet or exceed these specifications is not likely to protect you from any virus. Obviously, we cannot make any guarantees that this mask will keep you 100% safe. We make no medical claims.

Size: = 4” x 5 1/2” with notch for proper orientation.

This listing is for 1 filter only (It does not include the mask). We do have the filter available with a mask and 1 additional filter for $15.95.

The filter material should not be washed or allowed to get wet; this will degrade the filter’s ability to trap smaller particles. If you remove/replace the filter it is important make sure it faces the correct way. Make sure the notch at the bottom of the filter is on the right side when viewing the mask from the front.

DISCLOSURE – We are located and ship from Cincinnati, Ohio. We have not previously been a supplier of medical goods. We have re-tooled and are manufacturing these masks to keep our employees working and do our part in this crisis. For that reason, our goal here is not to make a profit; we are just trying to break even.

We make no health claims. Due to hygiene issues we do not accept returns and exchanges.

Together we can get through this crisis.